Where to find my stories

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I write three type of stories: Age gap, age play, and taboo versions on Smashwords.

Each type is considered a different kink, though there is some overlap. The stories are just hot fantasies I've had.

I'm against kink shaming, so whatever type you like, no judgement from me -- I wrote them after all.

Age Gap Stories in e-book

I sell my age gap erotic stories on various retailers. The ones on the major retailers use "sir." If you prefer the daddy word, scroll down and check out my direct storefront.

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Stories on my Direct Storefront

Do you want more stories with Rose and William from my freebie book, or prefer it when the woman uses the word daddy? Find those stories on my storefront. 

Note: The versions on my storefront use the word "Daddy," and they are spicy age gap stories between an older man and younger woman who are not related in the slightest. It's just a younger women who likes to call the silver foxes "Daddy."

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Taboo Stories

I sell my taboo versions of my stories. You can find them on Smashwords.

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