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I write three type of stories: Age gap, age play, and extra taboo versions on Smashwords.

Each type is considered a different kink, though there is some overlap. The stories are just hot fantasies I've had.

I'm against kink shaming, so whatever type you like, no judgement from me -- I wrote them after all.

Age Gap Stories in e-book

I'm working on two main storylines. One is with a young woman named Crystal, who dropped out of college and is working at a law firm. She's having fun making Daddy cranky.

My other series is with Rose and William (Daddy). They are all currently on Medium, but I also bundled up 13 of the erotic shorts and I'm now selling them on Payhip. 

Note: 2 of the stories are in the freebie book for joining my newsletter, and 3 were previously in Teaching Me How to Please Him on Amazon. I'm no longer selling the book on Amazon. The other 8 haven't been offered in ebook yet. 

This collection has them all in order of when they happened to give the progression of their relationship. There will be another e-book released with Rose and William.

Taboo Stories

I sell my taboo stories in two locations. The first one is store for a handful of indie authors. Buying from there directly supports multiple authors.

Prefer Smashwords? My taboo stories are also on Smashwords.

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